Raven Brings the Light Book

    Raven Brings the Light Book

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    Raven Brings the Light by Author Robert Budd and illustrator Roy Henry Vickers

    This children's book features a brilliantly portrayed legend through the art of Roy Henry Vickers. Weget, the main character's story has been passed down for generations. This version of the story originates from one told to the author by Chester Bolton, Chief of the Ravens, from the village of Kitkatla around 1975.

    Long ago, when darkness covered the land, a boy named Weget is born who is destined to bring the light. With the gift of a raven that allows him to fly and transform he turns into a bird and journeys into the sky. There he finds the Chief of the Heavens who keeps the light in a box. By transforming himself into a pine needle, clever Weget tricks the Chief and escapes with the daylight. Weget brings the light back down to Earth.

    Harbour Publishing 2013

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